The Low Down

Hi everyone!

So welcome to my blog about…you guessed it…animals! Only this isn’t about the fluffters in my life (sorry Sophia and Delphi!) but about our relationships with animals more generally.


The Fluffters who control my life

I come from a Social Anthropology background and all the way through uni I struggled with why, other than one lecture in 1st year, we didn’t look at our relationship with animals. I mean the majority of people literally in the world interact in some way with animals every single day. Many of us have pets, we might eat meat, the shampoo we use or the ingredients in it may have been tested on animals, our wine may have gone through a filter of fish or eggs. But no one was really talking about it beyond gendered work balance i.e. women can’t milk the cows while they’re menstruating or as things that don’t fit neatly into the categories we humans create for the world around us such as Pangolins (who came up alot and are very cute btw!)


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So I ended up doing a MA in Anthrozoology which certainly helped with helping me to understand what I’ve come to call the “animal problem” because ultimately that’s what they are. They raise fundamental issues about what it means to be human and you can use animals to illustrate points about so many different things and this brings me back to this blog.

I’ve finished my MA and am starting to bring my thinking round to a topic for a PhD so I thought it would be good to get some writing, thoughts, research out there to get them out of my head.

My main topics of interest are: human-animals relationships (duh!) and its evolution, Zoos, Animals in Disasters, Animals in Conflict Zones, Animals in Rescues, Wildlife Volunteering, Animal Workers (Vets, Vet Nurses, Animal Rescue Workers), East African Pastoralists and much, much more.

I have worked hands-on with animals in the UK, Namibia and South Africa and I have visited zoos and wildlife parks around the world so I am coming from both an academic background and a practising one.

I hope anyone who reads anything I write finds it interesting, maybe thought provoking and hopefully not offensive (if you do, please know that is not my intention).